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Variation 30 June 2017 Machinery of Government

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The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal has issued a determination as a result of Machinery of Government changes to Special Division and Prescribed Office Holder positions.  


The determination of the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal made on 20 June 2017 under sections 6(1)(c), (d) and (e) of the Salaries and Allowances Act 1975, as amended from time to time, is hereby varied by a further determination set out below. 

This variation is effective on and from 1 July 2017.

Delete Part 1 Salary, of the First Schedule and insert the following:

PART 1                        SALARY

This Part deals with the salary payable to Special Division and Prescribed Office Holders listed below.

1.1      Salary

Table 1 Special Division CEOs

OfficeDepartment or AgencyBandOffice HolderSalary
Director GeneralBiodiversity, Conservation and Attractions2Vacant$-
Chief Executive OfficerBotanic Gardens and Parks Authority4Vacant$-
Managing DirectorCentral Regional TAFE4W Swetman$215,000
Chief Executive OfficerChemCentre4Vacant$-
Director GeneralCommunities1Vacant$-
RegistrarDepartment of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission4S Bastian$220,056
Director GeneralEducation1S O'Neill$441,406
Director GeneralFinance1A Nolan$402,288
DirectorGascoyne Development Commission4G Robins$210,858
DirectorGoldfields-Esperance Development Commission4S Flanagan$202,631
Chief Executive OfficerGovernment Employees Superannuation Board2Vacant$-
DirectorGreat Southern Development Commission4B Manning$202,631
Managing DirectorInsurance Commission of Western Australia2R Whithear$341,567
Director GeneralJobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation1Vacant$-
Director GeneralJustice1Vacant$-
DirectorKimberley Development Commission4J Gooding$202,631
Director GeneralLocal Government, Sport and Cultural Industries2Vacant$-
CommissionerMental Health Commission2T Marney$367,070
Chief Executive OfficerMetropolitan Cemeteries Board4P Deague$220,056
Chief Executive OfficerMetropolitan Redevelopment Authority3K Kinsella$262,151
DirectorMid-West Development Commission4G Treasure$204,246
Chief Executive OfficerMinerals Research Institute of Western Australia4M Woffenden$235,539
Director GeneralMines, Industry Regulation and Safety2Vacant$-
Managing DirectorNorth Metropolitan TAFE3M Hoad$235,539
Managing DirectorNorth Regional TAFE4K Doig$215,000
DirectorPeel Development Commission4A Ward$202,631
DirectorPilbara Development Commission4T Hill$210,858
Director GeneralPlanning, Lands and Heritage2Vacant$-
Director GeneralPremier and Cabinet1Vacant$-
Director GeneralPrimary Industries and Regional Development2 Vacant$-
Chief Executive OfficerPublic Transport Authority2R SellersSee Director General, Department of Transport
Chief Executive OfficerRottnest Island Authority4Vacant$-
Chief Executive OfficerSchool Curriculum and Standards Authority3Vacant$-
Small Business CommissionerSmall Business Development Corporation4D Eaton$231,355
Managing DirectorSouth Metropolitan TAFE3T Durant$235,539
Managing DirectorSouth Regional TAFE4D Anderson$215,000
DirectorSouth West Development Commission4Vacant$-
Chief Executive OfficerState Supply Commission4Vacant$-
Director GeneralTraining and Workforce Development2Ruth Shean$367,070
Director GeneralTransport1R Sellers$402,288
Under TreasurerTreasury1M Barnes$441,406
Director GeneralWater and Environmental Regulation2Vacant$-
Chief ExecutiveWestern Australian Land Information Authority3M Bradford$274,430
DirectorWheatbelt Development Commission4W Newman$202,631
Chief Executive OfficerWorkCover Western Australia Authority4M Reynolds$235,539
Chief Executive OfficerZoological Parks Authority4Vacant$-
Table 2  Prescribed Office Holders
OfficeDepartment or AgencyOffice HolderSalary
Commissioner for Equal OpportunityEqual Opportunity CommissionerA Lucas$252,020
CommissionerFire and Emergency ServicesW Gregson$367,069
General ManagerForest Products CommissionS West$263,900
Chief Health OfficerHealthT WeeramanthriSee Eighth Schedule
DirectorHealth and Disability Services Complaints OfficeS Cowie$235,539
State LibrarianLibrary Board of Western AustraliaM Allen$235,539
Commissioner of Main RoadsMain Roads WAR SellersSee Director General, Department of Transport
PresidentMental Health TribunalVacant$-
Auditor GeneralOffice of the Auditor GeneralVacant$-
Chief PsychiatristOffice of the Chief PsychiatristN GibsonSee Seventh Schedule
Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleOffice of the Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleC Pettit$235,539
Director of Public ProsecutionsOffice of the Director of Public ProsecutionsA ForresterSee Fourth Schedule
Deputy Director of Public ProsecutionsOffice of the Director of Public ProsecutionsVacantSee Fourth Schedule
Information CommissionerOffice of the Information CommissionerS Bluemmel$235,539
Inspector of Custodial ServicesOffice of the Inspector of Custodial ServicesN Morgan$235,539
Solicitor GeneralOffice of the Solicitor GeneralP Quinlan SCSee Sixth Schedule
CommissionerParliamentary Commissioner for Administrative InvestigationsC Field$372,070
Deputy CommissionerParliamentary Commissioner for Administrative InvestigationsG (Mary) White$198,054
Public Sector CommissionerPublic Sector CommissionM Wauchope$441,406
Electoral CommissionerWestern Australian Electoral CommissionD Kerslake$252,020
Deputy Electoral CommissionerWestern Australian Electoral CommissionC Avent$190,776
Commissioner of PoliceWestern Australian Police ServiceK O'Callaghan$441,406
Deputy Commissioner OperationsWestern Australian Police ServiceS Brown$281,139
Deputy Commissioner Specialist ServicesWestern Australian Police ServiceG Dreibergs$281,139
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceN Anticich$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceG Budge$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceM Fyfe$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceK Properjohn$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceM Smalpage$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceP Steel$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceC Ward$212,337
Assistant CommissionerWestern Australian Police ServiceP Zanetti$212,337
Chief Executive OfficerWestern Australian Tourism CommissionVacant$-


(2)   Where the Deputy Commissioner, Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC), acts in the position of Electoral Commissioner, WAEC, for a period of four or more consecutive weeks while the office is substantively vacant or the office holder is on leave, the Deputy Commissioner is entitled to receive the salary awarded in Table 2 Prescribed Office Holders, to the position of Electoral Commissioner for the duration of the acting arrangement.

(3)   A person appointed by the Governor to temporarily act in the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services, is entitled to receive the same salary that is awarded to the position of Inspector of Custodial Services as set out in 'Table 2 Prescribed Office Holders'.  The acting Inspector of Custodial Services is also entitled to the motor vehicle benefits set out in Part 3 and the superannuation entitlements set out in Part 6 of this Determination.  The salary and benefits apply on a pro-rata basis for any period in which the Inspector of Custodial Services is absent from duty.


Table 3 Special Division Non-CEOs
OfficeDepartment or AgencyBandOffice HolderSalary
Deputy Director General, Finance and AdministrationEducation2J McGrath$281,140
Deputy Director General, SchoolsEducation3D Axworthy$246,451
Deputy Director General, Building Management and WorksFinance2B Sullivan$307,301
Executive Director, Strategic Projects and Asset SalesFinance2R Mann$307,301
Executive Director, Government ProcurementFinance3S Black$239,006
Commissioner of State RevenueFinance3N Suchenia$227,819
Deputy Commissioner, OperationsFire and Emergency Services4L Bailey$227,819
Deputy Commissioner, Support and CapabilityFire and Emergency Services4S Fewster$227,819
Deputy Director General, Resources & Industry DevelopmentJobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation3G Wedgwood$227,819
Deputy Director General, State InitiativesJobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation3J Ostojich$227,819
Deputy Director General, Strategic PolicyJobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation3Vacant$-
Executive Director, Office of ScienceJobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation3F Roche$227,819
Deputy Commissioner, Adult Justice ServicesJustice3S Maines$254,480
Deputy Commissioner, Youth Justice ServicesJustice3R Green$227,819
Executive Director, Courts and Tribunal ServicesJustice4Vacant$-
Public TrusteeJustice4B Roche$227,819
Deputy Director General Health2R Brown$307,301
Assistant Director General System, Policy and PlanningHealth2Vacant$-
Assistant Director General Purchasing and System PerformanceHealth2Vacant$-
Managing DirectorMain Roads WA2Vacant$-
Deputy Director General, Approvals and ComplianceMines, Industry Regulation and Safety3T Griffin$227,819
Deputy Director General, Strategic PolicyMines, Industry Regulation and Safety3M Andrews$227,819
Executive Director, Building Commission / Building CommissionerMines, Industry Regulation and Safety4P Gow$212,337
Executive Director, Consumer Protection / Commissioner for Consumer ProtectionMines, Industry Regulation and Safety4Vacant$-
Executive Director, Labour Relations and Industry DevelopmentMines, Industry Regulation and Safety4K Berger$212,337
Executive Director, WorkSafe / WorkSafe Western Australia CommissionerMines, Industry Regulation and Safety4L McCulloch$212,337
Deputy Auditor GeneralOffice of the Auditor General3G Clarke$227,819
Deputy Director General, Economic and DeregulationPremier and Cabinet2D Smith$307,301
Deputy Director General, Community and Health ServicesPremier and Cabinet2Vacant$-
Assistant Director General, State Security and Emergency CoordinationPremier and Cabinet4G Hay$227,819
Executive Director, Cabinet and Policy DivisionPremier and Cabinet4A Murphy$227,819
Executive Director, Cabinet and Policy DivisionPremier and Cabinet4R Kennedy$227,819
Executive Director, Cabinet and Policy DivisionPremier and Cabinet4Vacant$-
Executive Director, Cabinet and Policy DivisionPremier and Cabinet4Vacant$-
Deputy Commissioner, Agency SupportPublic Sector Commission3D Volaric$227,819
Managing DirectorPublic Transport Authority2M Burgess$281,140
Deputy Director General, Policy, Planning and InvestmentTransport2Vacant$-
Managing Director, Transport ServicesTransport2N Lyhne$281,140
Project Director, MetronetTransport2A Kannis$307,301
Deputy Under TreasurerTreasury2M Court$307,301
Executive Director, Public Utilities OfficeTreasury2R Challen$330,938
Executive Director, EconomicTreasury3R Watson$254,480
Executive Director, Infrastructure and FinanceTreasury3K Gulich$281,140
Executive Director, Strategic Policy and EvaluationTreasury3A Jones$281,140
Executive DirectorWestern Australian Police Service3Vacant$-

Signed on 30 June 2017






W S Coleman AMC A BroadbentB J Moore


Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.