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Welcome to the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal

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The Tribunal is established under the Salaries and Allowances Act 1975, and has the responsibility for both determining and recommending rates of remuneration for the Governor, Members of Parliament, Judges, Magistrates, the Parliamentary Inspector of the Corruption and Crime Commission, Clerks of the Parliament, Commissioners of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Local Government CEOs, Local Government Elected Members, Members of the Special Division of the Public Service and Prescribed Office Holders.

The entitlements of Former Premiers, Ministers and Members of Parliament are also determined by the Tribunal.

Latest News


30 November 2017 

The Tribunal has issued a Determination in relation to Members of Parliament. The Tribunal has determined that there will be no increase in remuneration or allowances provided to Members of Parliament (Media Statement).


28 November 2017

The Tribunal has issued it's first Determination for University Governing Council Members. The Tribunal has determined that existing remuneration arrangements previously in place for Members of University Governing Councils would be maintained.


30 June 2017

The Tribunal has varied the Determination for Special Division and Prescribed Office Holders to reflect Machinery of Government changes that take effect on 1 July 2017.


20 June 2017

The Tribunal issued a Determination in relation to Clerks of the Parliament, Special Division and Prescribed Office Holders. The Tribunal resolved that there should be no change to remuneration currently provided for these office holders. Media Release.


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